About us

Sound Of Silence is based in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

We sell knowledge and we sell a service.

If there is some particular thing in your setup we cannot solve,

we'll find you a solution from our international network of specialists.

Founder Göran "LEO" Elmquist has been working in the music business for 30+ years.

His passion for guitar pedals, rack systems and studio equipment led to the start of  SOS - Sound Of Silence.

He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a producer, mix engineer and guitarist.

Contact information

e-mail:  info@soundofsilence.se

phone:  +46 (0) 70 749 26 26

Göran Elmquist is a member of:

NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants

AES - Audio Engineering Society

SSES - Swedish Sound Engineers Society