Andreas Rydman

Carry On

Sound Of Silence built a Carry-On pedal board for guitarist Andreas Rydman.

The board is based on a SOS Carry-On pedal board 420 x 330 mm.

Stadium Board

Sound Of Silence built a pedal board for guitarist Andreas Rydman.

Pedal Board

Sound Of Silence updated a pedal board for guitarist Andreas Rydman.

The board is built upon an SOS BlackBoard. It contains a Misson Engineering EP 25K Expression, Skrydstrup BF2M, TC Poly Tune Mini Tuner, Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby Wah-Wah,

BJF Mighty Green Minivibe, Musicom EFX III Audio Controller, BJF Pink Purple Fuzz,  BJF Pale Green Compressor, Asteroids Chorus, MXR Phase 90 EVH, BJF Red Rooster Booster, Neoplex Vemuram, BJF Model G Overdrive,

Mad Professor Stone Grade Distortion, BJF Baby Black Booster, Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor,

Evevtide H9, Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb, Strymon Timeline and a SOS Custom Interface Box.

All powered by two Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe.

The amp is a Mad Professor CS40 with a Mad Prof 4x12" (Eminence speakers).

Acoustic Pendulum Rack

SOS built a new Acoustic Rack for Andreas Rydman. The rack contains a SPS-1 Pendulum preamp and a SOS custom made phantom powered micro board.

Pedal Board TT

SOS built a new pedal board for Andreas Rydman.

The board contains: a Dunlop Mini Fuzz Face, One Control BJF Buffer, Insert for a Wah-Wah,

TC PolyTune Mini, MXR EVH Phase 90, BJF Mint Green Vibe, Xotic EP-Booster, Bear Foot Hiney Beeatch,

Bogner Ectacy Red, BJF Baby Pink Booster and a Line6 M9.

The board is built upon a Trailer Trash-board.

Axe-FX Board

Built upon a Overkill pedal board.

VooDoo Lab ISO-5, Skrydstrup BF2M Dual Buffer, TC PolyTune 2, Misson Expression SP-1,

Dunlop DVP3 Volume function, Dunlop DVP3 Expression expression function and a Fractal Audio

Systems MFC-101.

Acoustic Board

We also built a small board for Andrea’s acoustic setup; The Radial Tonebone PZ Pre II, SOS DC Converter,

Source Audio Programmable EQ, TC Nova Reverb, TC PolyTune and a Voodoo Lab ISO-5.

The case is an AI “Top Off” case.

Dobro Pedal Board

Made cables and freshen up Andreas’ Dobro Pedal Board.

TC PolyTune Mini, Pedal Train Volta, Fishman Aura Sixteen and an Empress Para-EQ.

Dobro Pedal Board

New board from our new product line. SOS Carry-On Pedal Board with Shelf.