Björn Gelotte

Guitar Rack

Björn Gelotte’s guitar rig needed an upgrade and SOS was happy to provide the job.

Björn is a member of the metal band In Flames, currently on a European / US tour.

The rig contains a Furman, MXR Power System, AKG Wireless, Voodoo Lab GCX ,

Dunlop Rack Wah DCR-2SR, Lehle 3 at 1, Lehle 1 at 3, Ibanez Tube Screamer, BOSS DD-3,

MXR Stereo Chorus. The MIDI board is a VooDoo Lab Ground Control Pro together with a BOSS tuner.

The amps are two custom made Marshalls and a JVM combo for clean sounds.

Everything is connected to a Randall Isolation cab and a Marshall 4x12.

The work on In Flames guitar rigs took two days, together with guitar technicians Greg and Fish.