Danjel Södervall

Guitar Rack

Sound Of Silence built a guitar rack for weekend warrior Danjel Södervall.

The rack contains: Samson Power supply, MXR Power System, TC G-Force, RJM RG-16 switcher, MXR Buffer, RJM Mini Mixer and a SOS rack panel interface. The pedals of choice is a Turbo Tuner, Suhr Koji Comp,

MXR Phase 90, Mesa Flux Drive, MXR Analog Chorus and a Deja Vibe.

The amp is a Friedman BE100 together with a Mesa Boogie 4x12”.

Custom Made By Sound Of Silence

Sound Of Silence built a custom made expression pedals for guitar player Danjel Södervall.

A Mute & Tap Tempo pedal and a Solo Pedal that works  together with the expression pedal input of the Rocktron All Access.