Fredrik Heghammar

Carry-On Board

Sound Of Silence built a new Carry-On Pedal Board for guitarist Fredrik Heghammar.


Custom Made Bradshaw Rack System

Bob Bradshaw custom built this rack system for Scott Henderson around 1995.

After using it for over a decade Scott decided to sell it. A guitar player in Finland bought it and before shipping

Mr. Bradshaw rebuilt the power supply. A well-written manual by Mr. Henderson was also included.

Today guitar player Fredrik Heghammar is the owner of the system.

Fredrik has a true passion for guitar gear and a fantastic collection of amps.

SOS was honored to refurbish the legendary rack system and also to do some modifications.

The rack system is used together with Fredrik's amp set up, a rare Komet 50 and a Custom By Cougar Mystic.

The interface includes; seven loops, a mixer for the Chandler Digital Echo, amp switching, amp fx loop,

amp channel switching, wha-wha loop and a volume pedal loop.

The rack includes a custom made power supply for 230VAC, 9VAC and some different DC-outlets.

A rack shelf with a custom made 9VDC-box for stomps. On the shelf; Moollon Tremolo, Moollon Octah,

Moollon Chorus, Klon Centaur, Hartman Flanger, Analogman Sun Face and a Hotcake.

The pedal board contains a RS-10, a volume pedal, a tuner, a Wha-Wha and a custom made (by Bradshaw) mix control for the delay.