Pedal Board

Sound Of Silence built a pedal board for guitarist Hasse Carlsson.

The board contains:  SOS Interface Box, Wampler Clean Buffer, DVP4 Mini, Sonic Research ST-300 Mini,

Xotic SP Compressor, Fulltone Plim Sou, TC Corona Chorus, Strymon El Capistan, TC Hall of Fame,

Strymon Favorite Switch, Decibel Eleven HSD and a Rectifier Bigfoot Footswitch.

Guitar Rack

Sound Of Silence built a guitar rack for Hasse Carlsson.

The rig is built around two Mesa Boogie Rectifiers in a true stereo set up.

The rack contains; TC G Major 2, two Voodolab GCX Audio Switchers, Decibel 11 HSD, L Fulltone 70' fuzz, EHX POG 2, MXR Dynacomp, TC Ditto, MXR Univibe and two Fulltone Plimsoul.

The MIDI board is a Ground Control Pro.

Hasse Carlsson