Jimmy Lagnefors

Pedal Board

Sound Of Silence built a pedal board for writer / composer / musician Jimmy Lagnefors.

He’s been busy producing the score and songs for the films “Bröderna Hårdrock” and “En gång i Phuket”.

Jimmy is about to go on tour with Eagle-Eye Cherry.

The board contains: a Cioks DC-10 power supply, CAE MC406, Korg Pitch Black, an insert-box for a

Wah-Wah or a Volume pedal, Wampler Ego Compressor, MXR Phase 90, Wampler Euphoria,

Wampler Triple Wreck, Strymon Flint, Wampler Talent Booster and a TC Flashback x4.

The board is a SOS BlackBoard.

Jimmy is using Fender Blues DeVille or Marshall JYM 100 amps.