The Pendulum Acoustic Rack

How to amplify a gut stringed guitar on stage next to an orchestra?

Mats is a master on classical guitar and eager to find the answer.

His setup is a Pendulum SPS-1 together with a Neumann KM100 microphone. He is also using a Schertler amp or a BOSE L-1 Compact depending on the size of the stage.

Small Acoustic Board

A Tone Bone PZ-Pre, a Korg Tuner and a BOSS DD-7 mounted on a BlackBoard.

Pedal Board

Mats is using a Cry Baby Wah-Wah, Black Star HT Dual, Earnie Ball Volume, TC Electronics Chorus, Suhr Koji Comp, Boss DD6 and a Turbo tuner. SOS made some modification regarding the power supply for the board.

We also found a way to lower the noise when using the Wah-Wah at hi gain.

Pedal Board 2

Sound Of Silence built a pedal board for Mats Bergström. The board was special made for the world premiere of Daniel Nelson’s new concerto for electric guitar and orchestra  - Electric Graffiti.

It contains: a Decibel 11 HSD, Musicom Lite 6 audio switcher, Ibanez TS9, MI Chrunch Box Distortion, Catalinbread Belle Epoch and an Xotic EP Booster.

Mats Bergström