Matti Bye

Pedal Board A

Sound Of Silence built two pedal boards for flm composer Matti Bye.

Board A is built upon an SOS BlackBoard. Two Ehrlund pickups (put on a grand piano or an upright),

2 x Ehrlund PreAmp, TC electronic Ditto, EHX Freeze, Boss GE-7  EQ, One Control A.B. Distortion,

Alien Delay, Strymon Flint, Decibel 11 HSD and a Rolls MiniMixer.

The Ditto and the Freeze are modified to be used with BOSS FS-5U remote pedals.

Pedal Board B

From a synthesizer into Board B which contains a; TC electronic Ditto, One Control A.B. Distortion, BOSS Tremolo, BOSS GE-7 EQ, BOSS DD-7, TC electronic HOF Mini Reverb and back into the Rolls Mixer on Board A.