Peter Rooth

Pedal Board

Guitar player, studio engineer, bass player, guitar tech...the multitasking man, Peter Rooth, has got a new

pedal board made by SOS.

Peter has been working with Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore and Prince among others.

Recently Peter has been doing work for Takida and Electric Boys.

The Board is built upon an SOS BlackBoard and contains an SOS InterfaceBox, CAE Wah, BOSS MS-3,

Ibanez 850, Blackstone Appliances, Fulltone OCD, DVP3 Expression, BOSS FS7 and a

Decibel Eleven HSD.

The amp is a Tommy Folkesson modded Marshall JMP.

Guitar Rack


The rack contains: a Furman PL Pro, Line 6 G90 wireless, T.C. D-Two, Dunlop Rack Wah-Wah,

VoodooLab GCX audio switcher, MXR Power System, RJM Gizmo MIDI switcher and a SOS Patch Panel.

On the shelves you’ll find; a BJF Forest Green Compressor, Klon Centaur, MXR Classic 108 Fuzz,

BJF Red Rooster Booster, T-Rex Octavius, MXR Micro Flanger, Neo Ventilator Leslie, Wampler Clean Buffer.

On top of the rack there is a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. The MIDI board is a Fractal Audio MFC-101.