Pontus Norgren

Guitar Rack

Sound Of Silence built a new rack for guitar player Pontus Norgren, member of the metal band Hammerfall.

The rack contains a Furman, MXR Power System,Voodoo Lab GCX. T.C. G-System, Dunlop Rack Wah

DCR-2SR and a SOS interface panel. On the shelf: MXR Bass Compressor, MXR Phase 90 MXR Phase EVH,

BOSS OC-2 Octave and a Xotic EP Booster.

On the board there is the G-System Controller, Boss expression pedal and the Dunlop Rack Wah pedal.

The amps are two Marshall JVM 410H in a true stereo set up.

Kemper Rack

Sound Of Silence have done a Kemper Rack installation for Pontus Norgren of Hammerfall.

Carry-On Guitar Rack

This small rack contains a Marshall JMP-1 modified by Tommy Folkesson, a TC Electronic M-One XL and a Sennheiser EW-500 wireless. The rack is patched into the loop returns of two Marshall amps, in true stereo.