Quint Starkie

Pedal Board

Guitar player and songwriter Quint Starkie got a pedal board made by Sound Of Silence.

This board contains: TC Electronic PolyTune Mini, Xotic SP Comp, Xotic EP Booster, TC Corona Chorus, Himmelstrutz Fetto, Wampler Dual Fusion, Fulltone Supa-Trem, Strymon TimeLine, SOS Insert Box, TC Hall Of Fame and a Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe. The amps is a Suhr Badger 18w.

Thomas Nyqwist built the wooden pedalboard - the QuickBoard.

Pedal Board - CeriaTone

Here's a new board made by Sound Of Silence for Quint's CeriTone amp.

It contains a: BMT regular, BOSS Tuner, CAE Wah-Wah, Keeley Compressor, Xotic BB, Xotic EP booster,

T.C. Nova Modulator. For the amps loop there is a CeriaTone Klein-ulator and a T-Rex replica.

The Pedal Power 2+ power supply is by Voodoo Lab. The board is mounted on a QuickBoard in a "No name"-case.

Pedal Board with case

Quint is also using Fractal Audio’s Axe-FX II. Sound Of Silence mounted the MIDI board, MFC-101, in a flight case.

The two channel expression pedal is a made by Mission Engineering.

Small Pedal Board

Used together with the Axe-FX. TC Helicon, TC Polytune, TC Ditto, EP Booster and a Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe.