SOS Rigs

SOS Guitar Rack

This is Göran "LEO" Elmquist's (founder of SOS) current guitar rack.

A Friedman Amplification BE100 to the rig. 4x12” cabinets by Mesa Boogie (V30).

The rack is used on all guitar oriented productions Göran has been involved in. It is equipped with two GRX Ground Control systems, MXR Power System, Cry Baby DCR-2SR Rack Wah-Wah, TC D•Two and a collection of new and vintage stomps. The board is a SOS BlackBoard.

The Pendulum Acoustic Rack

This is the acoustic guitar rack that Göran is currently using when touring with world music artist "Zifa".

It contains a Pendulum SPS-1, Drawmer DL221, Samson PowerBrite and an Ensoniq DP4+ rack effect.

The pedal board (SOS BlackBoard) has a MidiMouse, On/Off-switch, Effect-switch, TapTempo and a Turbo Tuner.

The Pendulum SPS-1 is handbuilt by Greg Gualtieri of Pendulum Audio.

SOS Control Board for demonstration and display

This is the SOS BlackBoard Control Board 600 x 400 mm. This board is for demonstration and display of different switching facilities. Decibel Eleven HSD, Decibel Eleven Switch Dr, Decibel Eleven Loop Expander, Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-300, BOSS BD-2 Keeley mod, MXR Phase script 90 from 1976, Olsson Amps The Spell Booster, MXR Dyna Comp script from 1977, MXR Flanger from 1976, Source Audio Nemesis Delay, MXR Analog Chorus, Dunlop CryBaby Wah GCB95 and a SOS Interface Box.