Cello Pedal Board

Sound Of Silence is proud to do work for jazz cellist / rock bassist / classical composer Svante Henryson.

He wanted a new, small pedal board to put in his suitcase. Svante designed the board around a MOTU Ultra Lite audio interface and Sound Of Silence build it.

The board contains a Ciocks TC10, a RAT, two Road Rage utility pedals, MOTU Ultra Lite mk3 (on a hinge!), Rolls Mic Pre, TC Nova Repeater, TC Hall Of Fame Reverb, Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah and two SOS custom made interface boxes. All mounted on a BlackBoard.

Cello and Bass rack

Here is a small MIDI-rack that can travel light together with a MIDI-board build by SOS.

The rack contains A TC Gold Channel, a TC G-Force with a DPA 4021 and a B-Band pick-up. The MIDI-board is a rare Digitech PMC-10 that SOS had to cut with a jig saw to fit in to the back of the rack.

Svante Henryson