The Pendulum Acoustic Rack

Tomas Ledin, one of Sweden’s most popular artists, has got a new acoustic rack system.

The rack is custom build for his needs by Sound Of Silence.

The rack is based around the Pendulum SPS-1 housed in a Road Ready case together with a

T.C. Electronic G-Force, a Samson Power supply and a Drawmer DSL424 compressor.

At the rear of the rack there's a connection panel for all in and outputs. For example a tuner out (with 9VDC) for a guitar technician or, if Tomas want to be in control of the set up, a connection to a small pedal board.

The mini pedal board (QuickBoard build by Thomas Nyqwist) contains a MIDI Mouse, a Turbo Tuner and the SPS-1 switcher. The rack contains a power supply that sends 9VDC to the MIDI Mouse and the tuner.

No need for an extra case when everything travels within the rack.

All cables, cable looms, mini-preamp module and the pedal board are put in the rack covers.

To take full advantage of the Pendulum SPS-1 his Martin guitars are installed with passive pick-ups. No batteries or preamps needed. Everything is phantom powered from the SPS-1 through a small Pendulum mini-preamp module plugged into the endpin jack.

Tomas Ledin