Ulf Edelönn

Pedal Board

Sound Of Silence built a pedal board for Ulf Edelönn. The board contains; Two Decibel 11, SOS Interface box, Vertex Wah-Wah, RJM Mastermind PCB, Octavian, Suhr Koji Comp, Strymon Mobius, Hotcake, Folkesson Raptor, Hartman Flanger, Chase Bliss Wombtone II, Empress MIDI box, Digiplex Delay and an Eventide H9.

Guitar Rack

Furman PL Pro, Mark L custom power station, Eventide Eclipse, Mark L Custom Audio Switcher, Mark L Stereo Mixer and a SOS Patch Panel.

The rack is designed so Ulf easily can change any pedal on the two shelves.

Today the pedals are: Octavian, Hotcake, Wetstone Phaser, Vibe Machine, Roger Meyer Voodoo Vibe, Strymon Timeline 2, TC Shaker, TC Flashback, Lin6 M9 and a Moog Cluster Flux. On the board is a Liquid Foot Pro,

TC Poly Tune and Boss Volume pedal (expression).

Ulf’s rack is used, in a true stereo set up, together with a Hiwatt Custom Built PA modified by Henric Hermanson

and a Wizard Metal 100 w. The cabinets are two 4x12" vintage Pinstripe Marshalls.